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Exchange Vows in a Rustic Themed Wedding

When it comes to weddings, a rustic theme is among the popular trends. Because this motif is inexpensive compared to other wedding concepts, more couples are embracing the idea of having a rustic wedding. It is also simple and deviates from the too formal traditional wedding theme.

What makes this wedding theme beautiful is its simplicity when it comes to the venue and the design. You can make use nature’s natural scenery as your backdrop while exchanging your wedding vows. The charm of rustic weddings is mainly attributed to the different equipment you use. Antique shops are your best friends when you plan to purchase all the decorations for your venue.

There are rustic wedding rentals that can help you come up with the best set-up if you don’t want to purchase your wedding decorations. From the wine barrels to the farm tables, these companies have everything you will be needing to add effects to your ceremony.

The great outdoors make a good setting for your rustic wedding theme. However, you can always choose to have it in a chapel or in a barn if you are worried about the weather. Through the services provided by rustic wedding rentals, you are guaranteed to have the perfect rustic themed wedding. They can provide you a lot of items to add effects to your wedding day.

It is always a guarantee that attendees of a rustic wedding will fall in love with the venue. This is because rustic themed weddings are casual. There is no need to spend on an elaborate gown or a designer suit. Comfort is the signature of rustic weddings and this includes being comfortable with what you’re wearing. Guests can come to the event wearing their flip-flops or if they prefer, their cowboy boots.

For the reception, picnic tables are usually used and everything can be provided by your rustic wedding rentals company. Through the architectural details on the decorations and the lighting used, you can achieve a countryside look. The venue will come to life with the use of charming white lights.

Photo frames and other small rustic trinkets can be used as wedding favors for all the guests and it can also be provided by rustic wedding rentals. With this kind of wedding theme, couples don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a memorable day. Come to think of it, there is even an option to replace the wedding cake with just cupcakes!

A rustic motif will always be on top of the list of favorite wedding themes. This theme is budget-friendly and is very convenient to all the guests of the wedding. Consider this wedding theme as part of your options for your memorable day.

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